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Ship Repair and Maintenance

In COTECMAR we have the capacity to attend integral maintenance and repairs, our experience includes mechanical works, welding, tests, engine maintenance and surface preparation. We believe that vessels should always operate at their optimum capacity and that is precisely the condition in which we are committed to leaving vessels as they depart from our facilities, whether for repair, maintenance or modernization. Together with our qualified labor force, our commitment to the customer will always be reflected in our work. We have two facilities and a total of 10 drydock positions and 7 afloat positions strategically located 280 miles from the Panama Canal.
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COTECMAR is an innovative organization that works within the field of scientific and technological research, supporting the development of the Colombian maritime and fluvial industry. Our areas of expertise include ship design, construction, repair and maintenance for vessels. Also, thanks to our installed shipyard capacity, we offer services and solutions tailored to the industry.

With more than 20 years of experience, COTECMAR is one of the most recognized shipyards in Colombia. Throughout our trajectory we have built, repaired and modernized vessels at national and international level that reflect our quality, efficiency and commitment. We specialize in the construction of military vessels, welfare and work ships. We have the capacity to attend integral maintenance, (mechanical works, surface maintenance, among others). We have two plants strategically located 280 miles from the Panama Canal.