Air Patch Ultra Image
Air Patch Ultra Image
Air Patch Ultra Image
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Air Patch Ultra

AIR PATCH ULTRA MOTORCYCLES / CARS: They contain the same elements of AIR PATCH but replaces the AIR FLOW system (Device for mechanical transmission of air by a Compressor that in 1.5 seconds will have the tire inflated -1 year warranty on the compressor)

Evolucion Cotidiana Sas

Evocoti sas, a company from the Cauca Valley with more than 6 years of experience in the sector, we focus on the creation and commercialization of innovative high-impact products from the various industrial sectors, our first project was the creation of Air Flow, the first supply device for air without the need for electrical current, then we proceed with Liquid Patch, the first liquid pressure vulcanized patch and finally Air Patch, the first stripping kit in the world that offers both solutions at the same time air and patch, in less than 3 minutes .