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Trunk Liners

Our trunk liners are custom thermoformed and fit perfectly to the contour of your vehicle's trunk floor area. They offer protection for the original carpet of the trunk of your vehicle protecting it from spills of liquids, grains, dirt and grease, we have designed a high
edge to maximize the protection of the trunk of your car, SUV or truck.
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For OEM´s, automotive aftersales and agricultural applications.

Experts in the transformation of plastic in the automotive industry, agro industry, construction and portable sanitation sectors through the process of sheet extrusion, thermoforming, thermo-pressing and robotic cutting. First manufacturer of portable toilets in Colombia. ISO9001, ISO14000 and IATF16949 certifications.
Products and services:
- Vehicle accessories: oil pan protectors, Trunk protectors
- Agroindustry: Variety of containers for handling agroindustrial crops
- Portable Sanitation: Portable Toilets, Portable Handwash station, Portable Showers.