Green or trite coffee Image
Green or trite coffee Image

Green or trite coffee

Natural, Honey and Washed special green coffee, packed in grainpro or ecotact bag and sack of fique. Bag of 70 kilos.
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Empresa Agrícola la Esmeralda S.A.S.

We are Producers and Marketers of Special Coffee, located in Finca la Esmeralda, Municipality of Palermo - Huila - Colombia, at an average altitude of 1900 - 2200 meters above sea level. Our work has always focused on minimizing the impact on the environment, focused on the minimum use of water in the elaboration of our Natural, Honey and Washed processes and in the elaboration of coffees through differentiated processes that transfer aromas and aromas into a cup of coffee. exotic flavors.

We currently produce Natural, Honey and Washed coffees.