Hydrangea macrophylla  Image
Hydrangea macrophylla  Image
Hydrangea macrophylla  Image
Hydrangea macrophylla  Image
Hydrangea macrophylla  Image

Hydrangea macrophylla

HYDRANGEAS measure from 50 cm and can reach up to 2 and 3 meters in length, they are thick stems, the leaves are oval, large, strong and very green.
There are different varieties, grades and colors
They are characterized by the fact that they require very good hydration during all the process, from the time they are in the crop, after cutting, post-harvest , distribution and until the end of life in the vase.
They are highly desired by international markets under the requirement of high standards of quality and health of the flower depending on the buyer who requests certain characteristics such as stem size, color, percentage of opening and head diameter.
Hydrangea is marketed for its beautiful colors and flowering, since it is made up of small grouped flowers, which makes it very versatile and which is mainly used for decoration, weddings and events.

  • Agriculture
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The Company was founded in 2006 as Hydrangea growers type export for local sale. In 2011 we started to export our products to different customers in North America, Europe and Asia. In 2014 our farm was granted with the Rainforest-Alliance Certification, which shows our commitment with the highest standars as flowers producers.

Hydraflora is a producer and distributor of Flowers and foliages with the goal to generate value for our customers.

We aim to position ourselves in the flowers market and other related products, as a leading company in terms of quality and service with a broad portfolio of products with world-class certifications, meeting the demands of our customers and suppliers and contributing to the growth and development of the región through job creation.