PROSOLUTION AGI cubicle - Switch Image

PROSOLUTION AGI cubicle - Switch

The PROSOLUTION AG-IC panel is classified LSC2A-PM and is provided with the HySec multifunction device that integrates the functionalities of a vacuum circuit-breaker and a 3-position gas isolator (closed-open-ground). The switch and disconnector knob are mechanically interlocked in such a way as to allow operation of the disconnector only with switch contacts in the open position. The HySec can be equipped with electrical accessories for remote control.
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We are SOLUCIONES MDS S.A.S, a Colombian family company that with its brands PROELECTRICOS and FABRICUR, we are dedicated to the manufacture, import, commercialization of products and additionally provision of services for the electric power sector.
During these first 60 years of activity, we continue to contribute to the development of the country, we continue to be the best strategic ally for customers, who have positioned us by offering an efficient and reliable alternative in all our products and services, always seeking the greatest satisfaction to their requirements. .
We currently have the certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001, RETIE; Technical Regulation for Electrical Installations.
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