Ultracem hydraulic cement type HE

Type HE Cement is an economical, basic building material that is used in a wide variety of concrete construction applications where high early strengths are desired.

This is a hydraulic cement produced in accordance with the NTC 121 Type ART, and the ASTM C 1157 Type HE.

Usage Uses include cast-in-place, precast, bridges, roads, pipe, blocks, pre-stress concrete mixtures or applications where high early strengths are required.
HS code
  • Construction Materials
  • Cement


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We have two (2) concrete production plants, with a monthly production capacity of 35,000m3 and 20,000m3 respectively, located in Colombia
Our products are made with high quality raw materials and the latest technology that provides benefits such as: greater resistance, fast setting, greater support, more performance and fresh cement which makes us the preferred choice of builders, concrete workers, prefabricators, ironworkers, master builders and masons.

The products that we commercialize are: Gray Cement General Use, Gray Cement Structural Use, Gray Cement Masonry, White Cement Structural, Dry Mortar Non-Structural, Dry Mortar General Use, Dry Mortar Structural Use, Dry Mortar Grout.