Duraroof - FRP Opaque Plastic roof Image
Duraroof - FRP Opaque Plastic roof Image

Duraroof - FRP Opaque Plastic roof

Its external face bright and flat, It reflex a hight percent of light and sunning energy, lessing the warm in the integrated space, generating an sure environment, enjoyable and tighted for needs of each buIlding.
  • Construction Materials
  • Plastic and Rubber (Construction Materials)


Exiplast is a Colombian company has been since 1974. Exiplast has positioned as a leader to development products and fiberglass polyester systems. We are expert in natural lighting and smart enveloping development certified that including thermoselective technology, thermic insulation, aggressive chemical environments resistance and fire retardancy.

Unique FRP factory in Colombia. Our solutions in FRP antivirus wall and cealing (aceptic panels), FRP Translucent Plastic roof skylight and FRP Opaque Plastic roof has been developed based on PRF panel systems that they look create spaces with big architectonic design, high levels of natural lighting and excellent conditions of thermical comfort.