Elasteq Lajes Premium Image
Elasteq Lajes Premium Image

Elasteq Lajes Premium

Environmentally compatible water-based latex product. Elastic liquid membrane ideal for insulation of slabs and ceilings, creating a durable, strong, waterproof and breathable coating. Easy to isolate complicated structural elements, such as passage pipes, obtaining a seamless membrane. The membrane can be reinforced with polyester fabric.
Resistant to ultraviolet rays, stable and with excellent ability to close cracks.
•Reduces the temperature in the floors by up to 45%.
•Reflects 85% of solar energy, asphalt blanket and other black materials only reflect 20% and will help absorb heat inside a building.
•Reduces annual energy consumption by 20%.
•Repair old concrete roofs and asphalt blanket.
•Sealing and covering of beehive ceilings on steep ceilings.
•Protection of roof surfaces.
•New and used coverage with fiber cement tiles.
  • Construction Materials
  • Plastic and Rubber (Construction Materials)


ELASTEQ is a company specialized in waterproofing technologies. It's mission consist to manufacture and sell high quality, competitive and environmentally friendly civil construction products. ELASTEQ develops all its products, not only with the aim of providing its customers the best solution, but also technical and environmental friendly. https://www.elasteq.com.co/