Plastic Roof Tiles Image
Plastic Roof Tiles Image
Plastic Roof Tiles Image

Plastic Roof Tiles

"Super ThermoRoof cover
Our triple layer profile protects your ceiling 3 times more, obtaining greater thermality and reducing acoustics Wavy Profile Cover P7
Due to its innovative design, it is ideal for covering all types of surfaces: industrial, residential, terraces, etc. ThermoRoof cover
Take advantage of your spaces and give them more light. Ideal for garages, laundries, greenhouses, etc.
HS code
  • Construction Materials
  • Plastic and Rubber (Construction Materials)


Maxtech SAS is a company that has years of experience in resin transformation, we provide quality solutions for the current construction, industry and infrastructure market. Born from Plastech Ltda. That since 2004, manufactures PVC industrial pipes for all uses, with notable investments in technology and innovation; beginning to provide since 2010 for the entire Colombian region, Truly Eternal Thermo acoustic and Thermo acoustic covers, with sustainable engineering polymers.