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PVC ROOF SKY 250 MM * 10 MM 3-4-5-6 ML: 100% waterproof product, ideal for skies, walls and coatings in establishments with aseptic environments such as food processing plants, fruits, laboratories, schools, hospitals etc. guaranteed uv protection formulation for indoor use only. working temperature -250 to 500 centigrates, resistant to the impact generated by perforations or mechanisms own of the installation. thermal insulation, its behavior external temperatures makes it suitable for use in refrigerated chamber claddings ensuring sealing the source of noise
HS code
  • Construction Materials
  • Prefabricated


UNIPERFILES S.A.S. is a company dedicated to the transformation of PVC and polystyrene, through the extrusion process, producing a variety of plastic profiles, which are used in different sectors of construction and industry. http://www.uniperfilesltda.com/