Body Splash Deseo® Addictive Violet 236ml

Body Splash inspired by exotic fruits around the world. Its fragrance highlights the sweet notes of caramel and raspberry, creating a sensual and striking fusion. Thanks to its fruit extracts, this fragrance provides moisture and softness to the skin as well as a perfect and long-lasting fragrance.
● Feminine and fruity fragrance
● Fresh feeling
● A delicious fusion of notes of juicy orange, cassis berries, peach peel, green apple, juicy pineapple, white musks, sweet caramel and raspberry pulp, are integrated into aquatic jasmine; giving it a unique charm.
● Contains fruit extract, meticulous selection of exotic fruits such as apricot, peach, pear, avocado, apple, papaya, melon, coconut and tangerine that provide moisture and softness to the skin.
● Content: 236 ml
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  • Health and Beauty
  • Cosmetics
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