El Asesinato de Galán
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The murder of Galán

The liberal leader and candidate to the presidency of the Republic of Colombia, Luis Carlos Galan was murdered in the town of Soacha, located to the south of Bogota, by order of the top kingpins of Medellín Cartel, Pablo Escobar and Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha. 
The study of the motives, the planning of the crime and its repercussions on the national policy are the central elements of the documentary. A complete analysis of the preparation and execution of the crime is shown the first time, using eyewitnesses, forensic and ballistics experts. The moment of the murder is recreates, and it shall be the first time  the TV audience watches the crime from several different angles: from that of the man who fired the shots to that os the ones who tried to drive him to different hospitals to save his life.
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