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In-row cooling system

DATA precision equipment is the Ideal solution to maintain precise controls of temperature, relative humidity and filtration in Data Centers, Telecommunications Centers and similar rooms, in which it is necessary to inject precision air directly from the rack lines to the cold corridors (IN-ROW Computer Room Air Conditioner) to maintain a reliable stability of environmental conditions and in which there is no false floor or extreme capacity.
The DATA CRHF Precision equipment has a modular design, similar to that of Equipment Racks, and is designed to be installed directly in the rows of Racks, without breaking the harmony of the design, sucking the air through the back, directly from the hot corridor and discharging the conditioned air through its perforated front panel directly into the cold corridor, following a horizontal flow pattern..

Aireflex de Colombia SAS

Aireflex de Colombia S.A.S offers Air Conditioning services for Commercial Buildings, Offices, Data Centers, Clinics, Hospitals and Laboratories (HVAC industries). We strive to offer quality products and services from the most important brands in the market at a national and international level and also providing added value with the patent of our own line of avant-garde equipment.

Aireflex de Colombia S.A.S is a company of consulting engineers and builders with an experience of more than 35 years in the Colombian market. Our experience and quality have allowed us to implement and develop projects in large entities recognized nationally and internationally, thus leaving Aireflex de Colombia S.A.S as the first choice of preference and trust for large companies.