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Bilröst Coffee Stout

DARK BEER COFFEE STOUT STYLE: English recipe from the 50’s. Created with german hops and malts. belgian yeast and height organic coffee from Caldas, matured with coffee wood from the colombian Eje Cafetero. Bilröst Coffee Stout achieves to evoque a coffee of the mountains made on bonfire, but without laying aside the character of a Stout craft beer. The water used in the fabrication of all of our products, is water that descends from the glaciers and precipitations of El Parque Nacional Natural Los Nevados.


Technical Data
Beer with natural sedimentation. Beer without filtering. Color: Deep Dark Brown. SRM=39. EBC=76,7. Foam descriptor: Correct foam, cinnamon color, medium persistence, medium creamy texture. Smell: The coffee notes are predominant with a woody-toasted-smoked ending. Alcohol: ABV=4,4% alc/vol. Bitterness: IBU=30 Intermediate.
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Bilröst Industria Artesanal de los Andes SAS

Bilröst Cerveza Artesana was born in 2016 in Manizales-Colombia, launching an innovative proposal in premium craft beers throughout the Colombian coffee region, offering the consumer a different alternative in craft drinks that will captivate all the senses.
Bilröst Craft Beer rescues brewing traditions from world cultures, connected, gastronomy, stories and culture through the senses.