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Condensed milk

Product obtained by partial dehydration at low pressure of a mixture of milk and sucrose (Semi-White Sugar, White Sugar, or Extra-white sugar), which according to its fat content can be classified as whole, free of substances and adulterations.

Smell: characteristic dairy and free from foreign odors to its nature.
Flavor: characteristic dairy sweet and free of flavors foreign to its nature
Color: characteristic homogeneous yellowish white.
Texture: Soft Viscose.


Productos Alimenticios de Barragán, Ltda, a company with more than 28 years of experience, we have certifications under ISO 90001: 15-22000: 18-NTC 5830 standards. We are dedicated to the processing, marketing and distribution of dairy derivatives such as condensed milk, sweet milk and pastry products such as honey flavored syrup and glazes. Made with raw materials and supplies of the highest quality, standardized processes and a competent staff, to guarantee the high standards of quality and safety.