Dulce de Leche Image
Dulce de Leche Image
Dulce de Leche Image

Dulce de Leche

Our Dulce de Leche is the most sophisticated version of this traditional dairy sweet. It is manufactured as the buffalo milk is heated and sweetened to obtain a very elegant and aromatic paste. It is mostly used and enjoyed in desserts such as cheesecakes, ice creams, custards, or simply on a spoon. 100%Buffalo Milk.
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Boubalos SAS

PlanetaRica is located in the northern prairies of Colombia. A fertile region irrigated by healthy rivers. With ideal climate and with abundant fresh water supply, it is the perfect ambient to raise water buffalos. our buffalos roam free on our farms, grazing on glass all year around.

Our processes combine traditional techniques, with new techologies to ensure the highest standards for quality and safety. it is embedded in our spirit an utmost respect for the environment and our communities. we take pride in being socially responsible and treating our animals with love and respect.