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Cacay Honey Image
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Cacay Honey

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Cacay trees produce nectar in their leaves all year round, attracting bees and many other insects, mostly predators, which help pests biological control within the crop. Our apiary, besides contributing to bees preservation and greater pollination, allows us to have a unique cacay honey that benefits the planet.


Kahai is the first company in the world to industrialize the Cacay (Caryodendron orinocense K.), an amazon tree that produces highly nutritious nuts, of exquisite flavor, from which oil for skin and hair care is extracted as well as meal with high protein value.

The company is dedicated to the production, manufacturing and marketing of Cacay tree products and is working with government institutions for the opening of local and foreign markets. Its mission is to establish the Cacay crop as an alternative for sustainable economic development in Colombia.

Production currently relies upon wild harvesting, which generates incomes to over 200 peasant and indigenous families within conflict zones. To meet its demand, the company is reforesting 5.000 hectares with Cacay, in Colombia's Amazon region.