Our history
We are a company dedicated to develop NATURAL INNOVATIVE products for skin care and health care. Our products are designed to satisfy esthetic and healthy needs. That's why we focus on produce multi-benefit products, with 100% active ingredients and paraben free*. With UNIQUE formulations in the market, we offer non-greasy, fast absorbing products that generate VISIBLE results in the short term.

Company’s Products

REVITALIZING HAIR TREATMENT (200g) With Horsetail Extract, Wheat Germ Oil, Rosemary and Quinine �

CONDITIONER (200ml) With Avocado Oil, Rosemary, Quinine, Thyme and Aloe Vera Extracts �

REPAIRING SHAMPOO (200ml) With UV Filter, Seaweed Extract, Thyme Extract and Rosemary �

MOISTURIZING HAND CREAM, WITH UV FILTERS (80g) With Aloe Vera Extract, Collagen, Elastin and Calendula �

SLIMMING GEL (180g) With Ivy Extract, Marine Algae, Caffeine, Cysteic Acid, Gurarana and Carnitine �

MOISTURIZING CREAM, BODY CARE WITH UV FILTERS (250g) With Calendula Extract, Aloe Vera, Elastin and Collagen �

CHOCOLATE EXFOLIANT (80g) With Peach Seeds and Vitamin E * This product is also included in the category of BODY CARE �

MOISTURIZING REFRESHING GEL (80g) With Calendula Extract and Aloe Vera * This product is also included in the category of BOD