NATURAL SELF TANNER (80g) With Sugar Cane Extract and Jojoba Oil � Image

NATURAL SELF TANNER (80g) With Sugar Cane Extract and Jojoba Oil �

Tans all skin types without sun exposure.

Due to the power of sugarcane extract, tans the skin according to its "original" tan spectrum, generating a natural-looking , uniform and long-lasting tan.
It contains jojoba oil, that moisturizes the skin effectively.

The tan does not disappear on contact with water.
Once applied, it dries quickly. Does not stain clothes.
It has a soft and pleasant fragrance.

Shake it before using it. Apply it evenly once a day after bathing on dry skin. Repeat the application every day until you reach the desired skin tone. If you want to preserve the skin tone obtained, repeat the procedure every 4 days. Wash your hands once the product is applied. Use sunscreen before exposing yourself to the sun. For best results exfoliate the areas to be tanned, paying special attention to elbows, knees and feet.
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