Placemat Leonor Image
Placemat Leonor Image
Placemat Leonor Image

Placemat Leonor

Handcrafted Placemat with iraca palm by young girl
artisans who want to preserve their culture, this type
of weaving is traditional from the beautiful town of
Usiacurí Colombia.
Technique sheet
  • Handicrafts
  • Other manufactures and ornaments


We are Ochabe, a Colombian company born from the inspiration of Grandmother ‘Ocha’ and great grandmother ‘Machabe’, two women of indigenous ancestry who taught their families to weave. Today their grandchildren, Ana María Márquez and Karla Márquez are honoring that legacy by designing handcrafted pieces to decorate your home or your wardrobe, with a unique style that merges design trends, contemporary fashion and the art of weaving. Our products are handmade using the natural fibers of the Iraca palm, and every product we make preserves the ancestral techniques handed down to us of the weaving community of Usiacurí, in the Atlántico department of Colombia