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Caladerm Hand Gel

Caladerm Antibacterial Gel, thanks to its alcohol content, eliminates 99.99% of bacteria, in addition, due to its glycerin content, it protects, moisturizes and conditions the skin.
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Laboratorios UrgoGerco

Laboratorios URGOGerco is a company of the Colombian Pharmaceutical Industry, currently a subsidiary of the international Urgo group.

Laboratorios URGOGerco has been in existence for 70 years and its mission is to manufacture and market high quality pharmaceutical and cosmetic products under Good Manufacturing Practice standards.

URGOGerco Laboratories has its base of operations in Cartagena (Colombia) and among its product lines we find:
1 - Sports Line and muscle pain care
2 - Skin Care Line.
3 - Respiratory Line
4 - Pediculicide Line
5 - Pediatric Line