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Innovative Formula: Combines beneficial anti-aging ingredients with a specialized cosmetic formula to improve skin texture.
Especially suitable for skin with large pores.
Contains a creamy, fresh and light texture, softens the skin.
Minimizes the appearance of large pores, redness, wrinkles and absorbs excess oil.
Leaves a velvety smooth finish.
The formulation contains a gel system of light silicones, light esters, spherical powders. Without parabens. Without mineral oil.

Creative Colors

It is a Colombian-German company leader in the production of cosmetics (private labeling) in Latin America. Creative Colors S.A. is Schwan Cosmetics for Central and South America, with a business relationship of more than 12 years. Schwan Cosmetics, located in Heroldsberg, Germany, is its Head Office and is dedicated to the manufacture of pencils and accessories for the most important cosmetic houses, stories such as: Christian Dior, Chanel, Lancome, Maybelline, Carolina Herrera, Avon, Yves Saint Laurent , Revlon, Victoria Secret, L'oréal, among others. Creative Colors S.A. receives raw materials from Germany at its facilities located in the Bogotá Free Trade Zone.