Sacha Inchi Oil Image
Sacha Inchi Oil Image

Sacha Inchi Oil

100% natural oil, obtained by cold pressing. It acts as a skin moisturizer and can be used against wrinkles and to hydrate dry and sensitive skin thanks to its components - unsaturated fatty acids.
Helps to maintain healthy hair which contributes to give it shine, body and elasticity, promoting its growth. It is recommended for damaged or dry hair.
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  • Essential Oils and Resinoids

Amazónica de Colombia

Company of the Andean-Amazon foothills of Colombia. With more than three years of experience in the production of natural Amazonian ingredients of vegetable origin, as raw material for the cosmetic sector from the seeds of Cacay, Burití and Sacha Inchi.

We currently have Cacay Oil, Buriti Oil and Sacha Inchi Oil as cosmetic ingredient.