Sleepful Night Kit  Image
Sleepful Night Kit  Image
Sleepful Night Kit  Image
Sleepful Night Kit  Image
Sleepful Night Kit  Image

Sleepful Night Kit

Getting a good night's rest is the best way to keep your mind and body healthy and active. With this routine based on the principles of sleep hygiene you can achieve healthier habits that allow you to sleep better.
How to use:
-Take a bath before bed. In the shower, place a Bath Bomb on the floor and turn on the hot water. Shower and enjoy this aromatherapy bomb.
-Apply the Sleepful Nights Spray with lavender and chamomile essential oils in your hands and take a couple of deep inhalations. You can spray your pillow and sheets to enhance the experience.
- Take 7 sublingual drops of the Floral Essentials made with extracts of passionflower, valerian and desert rose.
-Use 6 drops of the Pure Oil with our lavender and chamomile blend in an aroma diffuser to set your room or put a few drops on the temples, behind the ears and on the backs of the wrists.
  • Health and Beauty
  • Essential Oils and Resinoids

Naturesse SAS BIC

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