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Antioxidant Glycerin Soap Deseo® Herbal

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Translucent, glycerinated and cut soap inspired by ancient herbs. A perfect antioxidant for the skin thanks to its rich content of ingredients such as cannabis sativa flower, leaf and stem extract, vitamin E, glycerin, cannabis stem powder, emollients and a mixture of vegetable oils that provide softness, hydration and nutrition to the skin.
Antioxidant Glycerin Soap
Contains Cannabidiol (CBD), a molecule that combined with vitamin E, constitutes a mixture with great antioxidant properties for the skin.
Contains Cannabis sativa flower / leaf / stem extract
Contains Cannabis Sativa stem powder
Contains emollients that bring softness to the skin.
It contains high levels of glycerin with a powerful moisturizing action that allows the dermis to retain water and stay hydrated and nourished.
Its formula contains 100% vegetable oils.
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Hada Group is a company founded in 1956 in Colombia, we are principally focus on the manufacture and commercialization of Hygiene Products such as hand soaps, homecare products and institutional line like hotels Amenities. All of our products are made with 100% vegetable oil. Hada has Factories in Colombia and Mexico.