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100% cacay oil Image
100% cacay oil Image
100% cacay oil Image
100% cacay oil Image

100% cacay oil

CaryO Cacay oil, rich in vitamin F (omega 3 & 6), vitamin A (retinol) and vitamin E, is the best skincare solution, keeping your skin hydrated and soft, while reducing wrinkles.

Cacay oil contains 3 times more retinol than Rosehip oil. Retinol is known to reduce wrinkles, increase collagen production, and increase skin elasticity.

With twice the vitamin F (omega 6) and 50% more vitamin E than Argan oil, Cacay oil deeply hydrates the skin, improves its texture, and acts as a great antioxidant for the skin.
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CaryO is a Colombian company that commercializes cacay oil for cosmetic uses. At CaryO we believe that the future of the cosmetics industry will be shaped by cruelty-free and fair-traded products. Through our cacay oil, we reach all personal care consumers who are looking for natural and sustainable solutions.
CaryO sources its raw materials from small-sized producers in the east side of Colombia and contributes to the economic development of the families in the region.
Thanks to its high content level of vitamins A (retinol), F (omega 3 & 6) and E, the cacay oil has numerous benefits for the skin, hair and fingernails.