19-98 Shampoo Image

19-98 Shampoo

Simplify your daily routine with hair, beard and body shampoo. Easy ans quick to use. Foam with a balanced ph that provide softness to the skin and capillary strand.

Benefits for the hair:
-Help prevent hair loss
-Reduction in the appearance of dandruff
-Decreased itching
-Helps stimulate hair growth

Benefits on the Beard:
-Helps strengthen the hair follicle
-Helps to stimulate the growth of the beard

Skin Benefits:
-Helps prevent folliculitis
-Reduction of excess fat
-Helps prevent acne by
-Removes roughness and leaves the skin soft
Technique sheet
  • Health and Beauty
  • Natural Cosmetics


We are a Colombian company with 20 years of experience in the cosmetic hair care, leaders in the development of products specialized in hair recovery and care. Our technology and the natural extracts we used on the manufacture process makes different from other options. Our commitment is with our customers, reason why we strive every day to have innovative adjusted products to the needs of our consumers, also competitive prices and high quality.

We currently have wholesalers and distributors in the main areas of the Colombian territory. At an international level, we have presence in Ecuador, Costa Rica, Panama and the United States.

At Naprolab we work to enhance the natural beauty of hair, providing trust,safety and a lot of benefits to our consumers.