Lady Rose Materna Cream Image
Lady Rose Materna Cream Image
Lady Rose Materna Cream Image

Lady Rose Materna Cream

The Materna Cream is a toiletry product to moisturize the skin based on humectants and with the important presence of placenta liposome and elastin.
-It moisturizes and softens the skin.
-It prevents drying and the formation of age-revealing lines, preventing premature aging.
-The natural biological properties of placenta and Elastin Liposome ensure the skin sufficient nutrition and cellular stimulation by its active components for the reinforcement of collagen and elastic fibers, preventing the appearance of wrinkles or attenuating the existing ones and restoring the natural smoothness of the skin.
-For external use only.
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  • Health and Beauty
  • Natural Cosmetics
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Laboratorio Lady Rose

Lady Rose Laboratory is a company formalized as a company since September 1974. Its mission and vision is to manufacture and commercialize different types of cosmetic products. We have the Production Capacity Certification (CCP) and we comply with environmental management standards, as well as corporate social responsibility standards.

We have developed products with export quality for international markets in the five continents.