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Nourishing Moringa

REGENERATING OINTMENT contains a mixture of natural moisturizers and oleic acids, which protect and soften the skin.

It is suitable for dry skin, since the NUTRE AND HYDRATE deep, the compounds of the Moringa are antioxidants, very effective when it comes to protecting it, thanks to its ANTI BACTERIAL AND ANTISEPTIC properties.

Because of its high content of VITAMINS A AND C, they help repair skin cells, maintaining their FLEXIBILITY AND ELASTICITY.

MORINGA possesses approximately 46 ANTIOXIDANTS and is one of its most powerful natural sources, which prevents the appearance of malignant formations, the leaves are rich in FLAVONOIDS that play an important role in controlling the AGING PROCESS, reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

The presence of FITO NUTRIENTES in the leaves and seeds of Moringa are considered as organic components that promote health.
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