Soothing Skin Gel  Image
Soothing Skin Gel  Image

Soothing Skin Gel

Learn about the benefits of calendula, aloe vera and arnica in a multifunctional skin care product. Soothing Skin Gel combines these extracts in a formula that is alcohol-free, fragrance-free and paraben-free. Calendula, arnica, aloe vera and Asiatic pennywort are ancestrally known, having anti-inflammatory, healing, repairing and soothing benefits. They are also used to heal bumps and bruises. In cosmetics, these natural ingredients help soothe and moisturize the skin.
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Farmacia Droguería San Jorge

We are the traditional pharmacy in southwestern Colombia, with more than 20 points of sale, where more than 300 collaborators serve with quality and trust more than two million customers each year.

We export our products to Ecuador and the United States.

San Jorge Laboratory produce and market Almipro, a leading brand in delicate skin care, Pili, cosmetic products to give life to your skin, Dermicox, Molduline and Linirub among other brands.