Dusty Miller (cineraria) Image
Dusty Miller (cineraria) Image

Dusty Miller (cineraria)

exclusive foliage with 50cm length.
We have two Varieties: Lacy Leaf and Broad leaf
  • Live flowers and plants
  • Foliage

Flores de Altagracia

Located in the Rionegro valley near Medellin, Colombia, at an altitude of around 7200 feet above sea level and an average temperature of 64°F (18°C ), FLORES DE ALTAGRACIA is one of the largest Calla growers (Zantedeschia sp.) in Colombia with close to 16 acres. Our emphasis on quality has leaded us to become one of the most trusted names in the US and Europe and we have been recognized by FLORA HOLLAND®, as a Premium calla grower.

With more than 14 varieties, 9 colors in our portfolio and 18 years in the market, we strive to meet all our customers' needs and are delighted to have you interested in our products as well as our great service.