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MVM Ltda

Our history
MVM Ltda was founded in 1986. It began with the manufacture of Camshaft
Bearings and Engine Building Machinery. In 1999 launches the Valve Guides
for the Colombian and Venezuelan market and in 2009 MVM Ltda starts
technological conversion to install Powder Metallurgy process (PM), developing
bronze valve guides, steel valve seats, selflubricating bearings and PM
mechanical parts.
Actually MVM sells its products to Colombian market and competitive markets
such as the United States, Venezuela, Ecuador and Costa Rica.
Since 2018 MVM Ltda has a Quality System from World Bank program named
Technology Extension.

Company’s Products

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Bronze Valve Guide. Renault Megane (1.6 L) 16 valv.

Motorcycle Valve Guide. Crypton 110cc

Motorcycle Valve Guide. Honda CD 100cc, ECO 100cc

Motorcycle Valve Guide. Suzuki Best, Vivax

Motorcycle Valve Guide. Auteco Boxer 100cc

Cylinder Sleeve 2 1/4 x 6 x 1/8 inch.

Cylinder Sleeve 2 1/16 x 4 inch.

Cylinder Sleeve 2 x 6 x 1/8 inch.

Cylinder Sleeve 2 1/8 x 6 inch.

Valve Guide. Mazda 323-626

Valve Guide. Kia Diesel 16 Val. Esp.

Valve Guide. Hyundai Excel 8 Val

Valve Guide. Chevrolet 216-235-261

Outboard Cylinder Sleeve YAMAHA 15 HP

Cylinder Sleeve 2 9/16 X 5 X 3/32 pulg.

Outboard Cylinder Sleeve. SUZUKI 40 Dts finished

Outboard Cylinder Sleeve. YAMAHA

Camshaft bearings Motor Ford 'V8-370 (6.1L)

Camshaft Bearings Motor Chevrolet V8-277, 301, 303

Camshaft Bearings General Motors V8-267 (4.4L)

Camshaft Bearings. Motor Ford V8-255 (4.2L)

Camshaft Bearings. Motor Nissan L4 Frontier - Navara- Urban

Camshaft Bearings. Motor KIA Sorento L4-16 valvulas

Valve Guide. Renault Scenic 16 valv.

Camshaft Bearings. Motor Toyota L4 Hilux-Land Cruise Prado-4Runner-Meru

Camshaft Bearings. Motor Mazda L4 12 valvulas BT50 Diesel

Company’s Products

Bronze Valve Guide. Renault Megane (1.6 L) 16 valv.

Motorcycle Valve Guide. Crypton 110cc

Motorcycle Valve Guide. Honda CD 100cc, ECO 100cc