Outboard Cylinder Sleeve YAMAHA 15 HP Image

Outboard Cylinder Sleeve YAMAHA 15 HP

Wet and dry Cylinder sleeves for diesel and gasoline engines with wall thickness of 3/32”, 1/16” and 1/8” (0.09375mm, 0.0625mm and 0.125mm). MVM produces cylinder sleeves by the centrifugal casting process.
All surface areas of the sleeve are machined to guarantee concentricity between inside and outside diameters.
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MVM Ltda

MVM Ltda was founded in 1986. It began with the manufacture of Camshaft
Bearings and Engine Building Machinery. In 1999 launches the Valve Guides
for the Colombian and Venezuelan market and in 2009 MVM Ltda starts
technological conversion to install Powder Metallurgy process (PM), developing
bronze valve guides, steel valve seats, selflubricating bearings and PM
mechanical parts.
Actually MVM sells its products to Colombian market and competitive markets
such as the United States, Venezuela, Ecuador and Costa Rica.
Since 2018 MVM Ltda has a Quality System from World Bank program named
Technology Extension.