Our history
Multilatina company, with 75 years of experience in manufacture fo paints and protective coatings. We have presence in 11 countries of LA and 5 facilities around the region.

Company’s Products

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CPR 2000 Sellantes for Joints

Pintuxano H.S Polisiloxano

Industrial Dye Pintuco

Anticorrosive Alchidica 507

Anticorrosive Red Alchidica 310

Epoxy Paint ICO Multipurpose

Epoxica Terinsa Ter-Coat

Paint Indicators of High Temperatures Green

Professional Brilliant Epoxy Paint

Anticorrosive Phenolic 505

Wash Primer Base Solvent 509

Wash Primer Base Water

Top Quality Plus

Top Quality

Corrosion Sealant

First Fast Drying Epoxy

First High Solids Nontoxic Epoxy 10085-10087/13353

Corrotec first epoxy 10070-13350

First Olive Green Anticorrosive

Anticorrosive Epoxy Green 9102/9802

Corrotec Primer Epoxy REF 10046/13229

Fast Drying Polyurethane

Polyurethane Enamel

High Solid Polyurethane

Ultra fast drying polyaspartic

Poly Epox Red Ref 9101-9800

Poly-Epox Marine Use

Red corroboat antifouling paint

Corrotec Primer Epoxico 70RS

Pintunov 51-125

Pintunov 1280 HB

Pintunov 12-120

Pintucoat Plus

Pintucoat Water Base Antibacterial

Desoxidante Pintóxido

Epoxy Mortar

High Solids Epoxy Chew

Corrotec zinc HS 10844-10845

Flash Rust Inhibitor 10076

Acrylic Enamel Urethane High Solids

Epoxy High Solids 13200-13201-13202

Phenolic Epoxy High Solids 13285-13292/13286

Epoxy Phenolic Altos Solid 13355/13356

Epoxi Coaltar Free


Epoxy Paint Structures

Bright Polyurethane Varnish

Anticorrosive Industrial Alquídica REF210003

First Alquídica Atóxico rojo 10084

Anticorrosive Alquídica Phenolic-Atopic REF. 10086

Epoxy Anticorrosive Pintucoat Roja 545 REF 10050/13227

Anticorrosive Epoxy Zinc High Solids REF. 10073/10074/13351

Anticorrosive Epoxy Zinc high solids REF 10055/10056/13267

Non-toxic aroflex anticorrosive 10082

Aluminum Liquid ECP-100

High Temperatures 905-13304

High Temperatures 904-13303

High Temperatures 902-13301

High Temperatures 901-13300

Acrylic for Maintenance

Madecoat Polyester

Low E Polyester

Low E Polyester

Polyester Corrotec

Polyester Low Bake

Polyester Epoxy Antibacterial

Polyester Evolve

NM 500 system

Polyurethane 600 Series

Max Primer 2k HS 5090

Max Clear HS 9480

Polyester Fix Bond Putty

Flash Clear HS 9410

Crystal Clear 9400 Varnish

Super Grip-Anti-Slip

Reflective Microspheres

Painting for parking

Cold Plastic Pinturáfic (rodillo)

Cold Plastic Pinturáfic (spray)

Cold Plastic Pinturáfico (flat)

Madetec Aqua Eco

Madeborder Wood Putty

2K Low Odorr Lacquer

Polyurethane Finish for Woods

Sealant/Base Polyurethane for Woods

Catalyzed Lacquer to Wood Acid

Wood Acid Catalyzed Sealant/Base

Nitro Lacquer for Woods

Nitro sealant for woods

Crystal Color-Polyester


Clarity Polyester Powder Coating


Corrotec Epoxy

Painting for road infrastructure

Madetec Low Odor Base 2k (Sealant)


Company’s Products

CPR 2000 Sellantes for Joints

Pintuxano H.S Polisiloxano

Industrial Dye Pintuco