Labber Soil Agro-Restorer Image
Labber Soil Agro-Restorer Image
Labber Soil Agro-Restorer Image

Labber Soil Agro-Restorer

The Labber Soil Agro-Restorer is a proportional mixture of natural minerals which contain relatively high percentages of some of the elements most lost in agricultural soils through washing and natural wear. It also contains a great variety of minor elements. It can be used as a natural mineral amendment in all kinds of plants regardless of their age, type of soil and climate. Aimed at maintaining permanent fertilization in all types of crops, including commercial pastures.
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INVERSIONES LABBER S.A.S. is an organization dedicated to the production and commercialization of natural mineral fertilizers with differentiating characteristics and effective results for the agricultural sector, and the production and commercialization of products for nutrition in the health sector based on the principle of improvement of human nutritional quality.

Our organizational purpose is to impact human life and the well-being of the planet through complete nutrition. We are dedicated to creating exceptional living conditions to generate optimal levels of well-being and health in humans through nutrition. We are committed to putting at the service of humanity products of technological innovation with highly conservationist criteria.