Acarol Loción Cutánea
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Acarol Loción Cutánea

Acarol Skin Lotion, in the form of spray is acaricide insecticide for the control of external parasites of pets, acts by contact for the control of infestations by fleas, ticks and chewing lice in dogs and cats, affecting the passage of chlorinated ions in the gaba , altering the activity of the central nervous system, causing the death of external parasites, contains 0.23% of Fipronil as active ingredient, toxicological category III Blue stripe. Medium toxic. Bottle of 120cc, 60cc. REGISTRATION ICA 9090 - MV
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Producers of the following products:
-ACAROL CUTANEA LOTION, controls scabies mites, fleas and ticks in dogs and cats
- CEROPLAGAS GEL, controls ants, chiripas and cockroaches.
-CEROPISS, antiorin repellent for dogs and cats