Ceroplagas Gel
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Ceroplagas Gel

It is an insecticide in gel formulation that acts by ingestion, contains 0.05% of Fipronil as active ingredient, combating cockroaches, chiripas, ants and crickets. It is an insecticidal bait contains no odor or color and acts by ingestion in domestic pests. Its mode of action is blocking the passage of chlorine ions in the gaba channel of the central nervous system of the insect, which causes paralysis and death. It can be applied in homes, places where food, hotels, clinics, hospitals are processed or stored or wherever it is necessary to fight populations of insect pests. Toxicological category III. Blue stripe: moderately toxic. Plastic syringe with 10 c.c. cannula and weight of 17 gr. REGISTRATION INVIMA 2005 V - 0003584
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Producers of the following products:
-ACAROL CUTANEA LOTION, controls scabies mites, fleas and ticks in dogs and cats
- CEROPLAGAS GEL, controls ants, chiripas and cockroaches.
-CEROPISS, antiorin repellent for dogs and cats