Oliveira Campestre Image
Oliveira Campestre Image
Oliveira Campestre Image
Oliveira Campestre Image
Oliveira Campestre Image

Oliveira Campestre

Oliveira is a project located in the municipality of Copacabana.

Its main access road is through the North Highway and the Machado Highway, which makes it more accessible as it is just a few minutes from the Niquia Metro Station, the Puerta del Norte Shopping Center and the Tulio Ospina Sports Park.

Oliveira is part of the Reserva Campestre project, which is made up of 2 towers.

Tower 1 Oporto Campestre (already built)
Tower 2 Oliveira Campestre

Oliveira is made up of 258 apartments of 57 m2.

57m2 2 bedroom apartments + studio
57m2 3 bedroom apartments

The apartments have two bedrooms, two bathrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, clothing area, balcony and study (option for a third bedroom).


Ménsula S.A. due to its successful strategic direction, perseverance, human quality, and excellence in construction, managed to become one of the most respected and recognized construction firms in the country. Now, with more than 30 years, we can tell our story through each of the more than 450 works executed.

Our trajectory has allowed us to develop several lines of work to face current challenges and needs, structuring, designing, and building based on a global context applied to the local environment, shaping the future of real estate development. We work with the commitment to achieve market strenght, trust, responsible growth, continuous improvement, and satisfaction for all of our stakeholders.