Business intelligence

It is an integrated software solution, created to facilitate to the senior officials and permitted users, extract, join, analyze and visualize individual or overall behavior of its dataset business in a completely graphical and intuitive way.
Provides a complete business solution that guides the work of taking all their unstructured data without meaning and turn them into real business value through techniques such as ETL, Data Mining, Process Mining, Visual Modeling, KPI's and others. In addition allows you to perform analysis of the behavior of the results and deploy prediction models.
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Dexon Software Dexon Software is a manufacturer of business process digitalization tools. Incorporated in Delaware and operating in the United Kingdom, Colombia, Mexico and Chile, we have been in the market since 2002 and have approximately 120 corporate clients. All our clients are large companies and are in different segments, such as BPO, government, health, security and defense, energy, etc. In most of them our software supports the operation of core processes, with millions of daily transactions.
Our software organizes the work and data flow, integrating existing information systems and people, also meets the highest standards of information security, including PCI-DSS (for the banking industry) and DoD