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IT Asset Management

It is a complete software solution for the administration, monitoring, auditing and tracking the entire platform of any IT organization.
It is a proven and certified solution that currently manages more than three (3) million devices in about seventy (70) companies.
DEXON Asset Manager, performs automatic inventory of hardware and software, remote administration, administration of tablets and mobile devices, collection terminal management, network monitoring, geo-referencing and modeling services.
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dexon software

Dexon Software

Dexon BPM: Optimizing organizations by doing their workflow automation. For more than 15 years we have supported more than 120 large customers at LATAM with end-to-end digitization of their business processes. We do this by adding our technology
with the knowledge of each client’s business, doing together the modeling, simulation, optimization, and automation of their processes.This frees people from repetitive, monotonous, and boring tasks to focus on what really adds value to their organizations,
while transforming their work into a relevant and fun one.We are convinced that efficient processes are more sustainable and lead to companies being more productive and able to grow exponentially with the same resources they already have.