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Cybersecurity Consultancy in Healthcare Image
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Cybersecurity Consultancy in Healthcare

Cybersecurity in Healthcare institutions is critical and complex, and has challenges that are specific for the sector. That is why ArkNova has all the experience and a methodology that supports the type of organizations to build unique cybersecurity strategies that adapt to their needs, challenges and budgets, always aligned with the strategic planning of the company. With a focus on a Zero Trust architecture and based on well-known frameworks, solutions that addresses the assets protection from different fronts are built.

ArkNova S.A.S

Colombian company specialized on the strategic leveraging of organizations digital transformation. Develops their consultancy based on elements of enterprise architecture and oriented, through technology services, on the construction of solutions that integrate software platforms, cybersecurity components and informatics infrastructure.

We count with a consulting team that have a wide experience in the healthcare and production sectors, with whom we validate, design and build a digital transformation roadmap in order to accomplish the strategic goals of the organization.