Healthcare AI Algorithm Creation - Hippocrates AutoML Image

Healthcare AI Algorithm Creation - Hippocrates AutoML

Artificial intelligence software for early disease detection in medical records that generates results 20 times faster, 10 times more scalable, and 5 times more cost-effective while maintaining accuracy above 90%. Detect respiratory, ocular and parasitic diseases using chest Rx, fundus, and blood samples (we can also create customized models for new diseases with Hippocrates AutoML).
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Arkangel AI

At Arkangel AI, we help healthcare organizations to detect diseases in seconds to make faster decisions, optimize protocols, reduce costs and increase the scope of care.

What is Arkangel AI?
Arkangel AI is an AI software for early disease detection that generates results 20x faster, 10x more scalable, and 5x more cost-effective.

How do we do it?
Using medical images, our algorithms analyze the image to deliver a detection in less than 20 seconds, with the probability and explanation. At the moment, Arkangel AI detects 3 groups of diseases, Respiratory, Ocular, and Parasitic, using chest x-ray images, fundus images, and video/images of blood samples taken from a microscope.