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We carry out transmissions via satellite, streaming and fiber optics. We have 4 mobile units that we can carry out throughout the continent to carry out sporting events, concerts, among others.
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Telecinco Colombia
We are a multi-screen, positive and inspiring content production company, with more than 29 years in the market,
We have 5 lines of business.
Broadcasting where we have our own cell phones and from where we can transmit to the world via satellite, via streaming and fiber optics.
2. Content production, where we have had the possibility to produce series, reality shows, documentaries, commercial videos, video clips, short and long films.
Digital Marketing, we have our own digital channel called Next Five Colombia in all social networks and transmitting our content on different television channels. We create digital strategies and 2D, 3D animation and illustration.
4, Service & rental: Crew, equipment rental, locations, models, actors and speakers.
5. Commercial Center: In Telecinco we sell and market cans, we advertise in different channels and platforms and we work in ATL and BTL advertising.