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This wirefree bra from Myrina proposes a novel design that allows you, for example, to receive a massage without having to take it off or to expose your back when wearing a dress with a neckline without worrying about the changes your body has had or is experiencing due to situations like breast cancer.

It has interior pockets and removable padding so you can use it as you wish (even with external prosthesis, reconstruction, postmastectomy, padding, expanders, etc.).

Its strapless cut or strapless cut with the right height leaves your neckline free, while the transparent straps on the back allow you to adjust the closure and the tension you want according to your needs.

96% cotton and 4% elastane, it has the perfect mix to give you a new, comfortable and delicate option.


Myrina, is the first Colombian inclusive lingerie/underwear company for breast cancer awareness.

Each of our garments are made for all women, but we also have specific characteristics for breast cancer survivors to find in them, a modern, comfortable, responsible, versatile and mainly functional alternative for the changes in their bodies and lives.
We develop all our collections following the health fashion trend, which creates a connection between fashion and health.

We design modern, comfortable and affordable women's underwear, that at the same time takes care of the health of the women who use it.
For this reason and to offer a top quality product, innovation and fair prices, garments are made from scratch following a production process responsible and sustainable that finds its center in small-scale handmade manufacturing by Colombian women.