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Amazon Midnight

Cautious and opportunist, In the Colombian
Amazon rainforest, lives the beautiful amazon
jaguar or butterfly tiger, considered the third
largest feline species of the world.
This beautiful creature, present in our country,
delights us with the intense colors of its fur, that
contrast perfectly with the deep greens of the
Unfortunately, the vast area where the jaguar
once lived, has been reduced to its half in the
past hundred years due to deforestation and
agricultural activities, reducing the population
and even completely vanishing it in some other
Our invitation is to encourage as
much its protection as its environment,
supporting tree planting and participating in
campaigns against deforestation. It is in our
hands to savethis beautiful specimen.
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  • Regenerated Fiber Textiles


Estivo is a conceptual Colombian brand of swimwear and beachwear, that was born 11 years ago, and projects itself as a global, happy, conscious, refined and natural brand with high content of social responsibility.
Our DNA is based on two values:
Inclusion (we want each Estivo woman to reflect her authenticity and naturalness through designs and silhouettes that make them feel comfortable and confident while allowing them to remain in all their essence).
The other value is ecology (most Estivo garments are made from recycled plastic bottle fabrics and we also use sublimation as printing method to reduse the use of water in the process).