Bull Pizzles Image
Bull Pizzles Image
Bull Pizzles Image

Bull Pizzles

It is a single ingredient dog chew, which is made from the muscle of the bull penis, and it is high in protein. Dogs of any breed, size, or age can take advantage of the benefits of this treat while satisfying their natural instinct to chew.

It provides long-lasting entertainment because of its hard and chewy consistency. It acts as a dental cleaner, with a brushed effect that helps eliminate tartar and prevent plaque.
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Colimpex Group SAS

Colimpex Group S.A.S. is a company dedicated to the international commercialization (purchase, production and export) of dehydrated bull pizzles. This product is the leader in the pet chew (toys) for dogs in the United States.

These products are of 100% natural and animal origin, serve as entertainment and are a food source rich in nutrients for the pet. Additionally, due to its high percentage of protein and durability, they provide relaxation and well-being to it.

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