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Available/Season: All year round

Grown in the high-altitude regions of Colombia

Flavor: Sweet-sour. It is a soft berry that looks like a tomato with a pleasant taste.

Benefits: High Antioxidants which helps those suffering from hepatitis, malaria, dermatitis, and asthma. Rich in vitamin B- Complex and vitamin A, which improves eyesight. It contains weight loss properties.
It is used in sauces, pies, puddings, and eaten fresh in fruit salads. As a juice, it is equally exotic and delicious. It is also used as decoration and garnishing in famous restaurants and hotels.


C.I Frutireyes SAS

Somos una empresa colombiana, ofrecemos fruta exótica, congelada y deshidratada. Cultivamos nuestras propias uchuvas, nuestra empresa es uno de los lideres exportando esta fruta. Nuestras certificaciones son: Global Gap, Global GRASP, HACCP y Rainforest alliance.
Fruta fresca: uchuva, gulupa, grandilla, aguacate, pitahaya amarilla, tomate de árbol, feijoa, higos y bananito, limon tahiti entre otros.
Fruta deshidratada: uchuva, banano, pitahaya, mango, piña.
Fruta congelada: uchuva