Natural Moisturizing and Anti Hair-Loss Shampoo Image

Natural Moisturizing and Anti Hair-Loss Shampoo

Finding a quality non-toxic shampoo is really difficult. Mae Selva spent two years researching the best combination of natural ingredients to achieve key results: deep cleansing, natural hydration, frizz control and growth. Achieving this without using toxics was a challenge, but Mae Selva achieved spectacular results using exotic ingredients that were perfectly tailored to her needs.

- Sacha Inchi Oil
- Buriti Oil
- Moringa Oil
- Castor Oil
- Cannabis Oil
- Jojoba Oil
- Argan Oil
- Vitamin A
- Neem Oil
- Vitamin E
- Pure Biotin

Some benefits are:
- Moisturized and shiny hair.
- Deep cleansing without leaving the visual finish of being bathed (by hydration).
- Frizz management and hydration.
- Delicious smell.

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Mae Selva

Mae Selva develops, produces and markets skin and hair care products through the union of science and indigenous Colombian traditions with the best and most powerful natural ingredients. Products available for all types of beauties in an era of beauty paradigms, stereotypes and low self-esteem.