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Natural Cosmetic Product with 80% organic ingredients.
Without titanium oxide, Without chemical filters, parabens or petroleum products. Not tested on animals.
Sunscreens of Esencias del Jardín, are formulated with natural ingredients and do not have a high resistance to water, as they do not remain as a layer on the skin but are absorbed. We must apply the sunscreen before prolonged exposure to the sun and repeat every 2 hours. In case of bathing in the beach or pool, it is preferable to apply it before and after bathing for better efficiency.
Zinc oxide is proven as the most recommended mineral sunscreen (without known adverse effects and protector against a greater spectrum of solar rays).
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Esencias del Jardin

If you want to take care of your skin while taking care of your health in a natural way, in Esencias del Jardín you will find a wide range of ecological and biodegradable cosmetics facial, corporal or capillary; made in Colombia.

They are products made by hand, with 100% organic vegetable oils, which translates to your skin the best benefits of nature.

We elaborate: Marijuana Oil for pain relief, Lip Balms, Natural Shampoo, Eye Contours, Deodorants, Handmade Soaps, Sunscreens and Facial Regenerators.